I’ve an idea for an App, what’s the next step?

It's awesome you have an idea, next step is researching your app and answering three important questions:

Almost always yes!

You can get idea of our costs from this link . Just select features you would like to have and we will have ballpark estimations for you instantly.

With the right direction, most ideas have the potential to be profitable.
At WeAppIT, we will help answer all of these questions almost immediately upon meeting any client. Our team will ensure to give unbiased, professional advice and feedback to all potential clients.

Development Process

If you are in Denmark, we are always ready to meet you one on one to discuss your requirements. This can surely help us to know each other’s in a better manner.

You can also submit your documents via email or if you don’t have it in written then you can share your ideas on Skype / Video or Telephonic call.

If you have wire-frames / prototypes ready then it’s awesome! If not, we can always prepare for you :)

A very difficult question to answer as there isn’t any answer to it. Every app is different because of its functionalities and capabilities and therefore every application will have its own costing.

At WeAppIT, we will give the potential clients an initial quote upon our first consultation. We will then give a detailed final quote after gathering more information from the client and discussing with our team. This quote will be based upon the final agreed project specifications.

The length of time it takes to build an app can vary from one project to another ranging from few weeks to several months. We at WeAppIT can work within any realistic time-frame ensuring each project meets its deadline. We will not take on a project unless we are certain that we will meet the deadlines.

Yes, in fact we provide each client with a signed NDA upon agreement of a projects specifications. We will also sign a NDA upon initial consultation if requested.

Payment Process

For each project, WeAppIT will suggest a payment process based upon the project’s milestones spread across the agreed upon time line. As each project is unique, WeAppIT are flexible to align to the customers payment needs whenever it’s possible.
Each milestone is linked with a payment, so once a particular milestone is achieved then we expect the client to pay for that. This way client doesn’t have to pay big amount altogether and can also see the progress before he makes the next payment.

If your projects success is based upon future income, we will always give honest and unbiased professional feedback. We do not believe in taking projects that will not benefits our clients.

After Sales

Yes, the success of your project is very important to us. We offer a very comprehensive after-sales service to all our customers including a complimentary 3 months support after the app launches. We have plans with nominal rates.

Production Rollout

The client will retain the ownership of the application and its source codes upon completion of the project and payments.

Yes, once the final payment is made we shall provide you with entire source code, keys, credentials and everything related to your project.

After the development is completed and approved by the client, we upload the app to the Play store for the Android app’s and Apple Store for the iOS app’s. While Android app gets live within few hours, iOS app can take up to 7 days to get approval by the App Store Reviewing Team.