Single out


Project Baseline

The application aims to benefit singles who want to go out where the other singles are. By using this application, you can discover where the other singles have checked-in near you and you could check-in yourself and be found by other singles as well. You can also search for places of your choice and see the detailed list of singles who have checked-in. The core aim of this app is to find a companion to your table.

The Problems and Solutions

It is easy to find the best outing place around your area but without being at any specific place, it’s hard to predict who is single in relation and could be interested to join your table. It is also difficult to find such platforms to get informations about checked-in singles at the same restaurant.

The app gives you an opportunity to discover new restaurants, enjoy delicious meals and make satisfying conversation with friendly companions.

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Interesting features:

  • Detailed list of nearby restaurants by just a single click. Additionally, you could search for restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars.
  • List of all singles who have checked-in a place for you to make a better judgement of where you would like to go and meet the singles. Furthermore, list is divided into males and females with their ages.
  • Map feature with filter settings to search for your restaurant based on your preference.
  • You can configure privacy setting to restrict anonymous profile view.
  • This application offers English and Danish languages for the users to use this application in whichever language they are comfortable.

We are coming with more exciting features for you very soon!

  • Adjusting preferences of weather one would like to go out with a male or female and what should their age should be.
  • Poke feature to increase the chances of connecting with the single you have seen. If the other person pokes back, you will be connected to him/her.
  • Current day's ratings of the places you search for. This way, you will able to make a better judgement of which restaurant you should visit and meet the singles out there.
  • If you come across a restaurant which you would like to pay a visit some day or view their offers on another day, you can favourite it and view it from your favourite places section.
  • Loved the place you visited? Then you should give a rating so that others could also make good decisions of where they should be going.
  • Exciting offers of all the restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars would be just a click away. This will ensure you to not miss out the offers which could save your pocket.

Client's Feedback

"The cooperation with Betina has been super and completely indispensable. I didn’t know anything about apps, but I got exactly the support I needed for the development. Betina has through the proces had an overview and made me pay attention on issues in my app, which I couldn’t predict myself. I will at any time recommend Betina and I will use her in future projects."
- Eva Refnov